Fans of sports and art have always preferred to spend time in Indiana. After all, this Hoosier State was and will be one of the best places for family travel. However, despite this, you will not be bored in this place. Indeed, according to residents, the state is excellent for rebooting your inner forces. Indiana is located between the states of Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and Lake Michigan. This is a perfect place to do sports, fishing or even have fun at various festivals.

What You Should See in Indiana

To see all of the most exciting places in the state, you will have to move from position to location, city to city. It is an essential requirement for all its visitors. It is noteworthy that not every state can measure up to such active recreation and the dynamism of life and movement Indiana offers. To visit the most famous sights, travelers are provided to take part in different state excursions. Of course, for this, you need to make the most necessary things in a backpack and get ready for long walks. Paved city streets and national parks are known for their unique color.

Lake Michigan is, hands down, the most beautiful place in Indiana, where the fans of fishing love to spend their time. Numerous nature reserves open their doors to local Americans and travelers. You can also ride horses or cycle there. Indeed, the nature of the state is considered to be a real attraction of the country. Besides, each city in Indiana has its special places of attraction, so you should go on a tour of each city. Visiting museums and local monuments is a must.

The Cities of Indiana

The central city of Indiana is Indianapolis, which is a paradise for basketball players and motorists. In addition to sports life, this city is famous for its historical museums, galleries, and monuments. Moreover, Indianapolis’ ancient buildings are particularly notable. Entire neighborhoods here have historical and cultural value. You can walk through the Fountain Square, the Wholesale District, the Massachusetts Avenue, and the Indiana Avenue. The history of the Indian tribes who lived here before is of particular interest in Indianapolis. To get acquainted with it, go to the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art. Interested in paintings? In this case, the state capital offers to visit an art museum, and not just one. There are also museums of medicine, history, a children’s museum, and an interactive exposition, where visitors are given the opportunity to “recreate” one day from the life of people of the old time, including preparing food and trying themselves in doing different crafts.

Gary is one of the most famous cities in Indiana, where Michael Jackson’s family lives. This town is also renowned for its basketball and baseball team, and the International Basketball League. On the Ohio border, there is the city of Richmond, which became a full-fledged city only in 1840. Once the colonists of North Carolina founded Richmond in 1806, its name was taken from the eponymous title of the English town. Another Indiana city is South Bend, which is the center of St. Joseph. Its famous attractions are the University of Notre Dame and the beautiful area of ​​Michigan. The city of Westfield is also one of the principal towns of Indiana. A rare visitor misses this city because it is full of interesting places and monuments. The neighborhood within the state is famous for its beautiful landscapes and historical sites.

Indiana Dunes State Park

Indiana Dunes is a national reserve, which is located on the shores of Michigan, covering the area of over six thousand hectares. The visitors have a unique opportunity to see various ecosystems found in the United States. Take, for example, dunes, swamps, savannas, forests, and prairies. The best part is that the highways and roads are laid among such breathtaking natural landscapes. The visitors can safely follow them, both on foot and by transport. Its unique and unusual vegetation distinguishes each ecosystem of the reserve. Indiana Dunes is considered the quietest national park, and the seventh place in the United States regarding flora and fauna diversity. Representatives of various animals and plants are present in the park. This place is famous for its amazing beaches and unusual landscapes. If that is not enough, you can also see different varieties of pine, berry bushes and cacti. A park is an excellent place for recreation with its many paths, dunes, and campgrounds.

Divorces in Indiana

Nowadays, there are lots of divorce cases in Indiana, and predominantly people choose an uncontested type of marriage termination. Uncontested divorce implies that the fact that both sides are ready to get separation and implement all the issues regarding child custody, spousal support, and others. To get a divorce faster, it is more profitable to order the online preparation of all the forms and documents for the separation process. In Indiana, the population prefers to use online services more than using attorney help. The divorce rate in 2018 reached 35% of all the residences of the Indiana state.

Events in Indiana

Indiana is famous for its numerous celebrations and events. For instance, a famous Indy-500 auto race is held here every year. However, in the summer and autumn period, one anniversary smoothly passes into another. Opens the “marathon” the Wine and Food Festival “Vintage Indiana.” People visit it to get to know the local wines and culinary delights and get to the tasting. At the same time, there are open-air cooking classes organized throughout the central part of the state capital.

At the end of June, Indiana hosts the Eiteljorg fair-festival. The celebration is dedicated to the history and ethnography of the Indians. In July, the state also hosts the International Film Festival, as well as the African American celebration called the Indiana Black Expo Summer. In August, there are several significant events: the main state fair, the festival of theatrical art and creativity and the festival of fans of various games, which lasts four days.

Interesting Facts about Indiana

In 1897, a local bill legally established the value of the number Pi as 3.2 (according to some data as 4), and only the intervention of an influential university professor prevented the bill from becoming the actual law.

Modern Indiana became the first state to legally ban writing lessons, replacing them with computer literacy lessons. There was not enough time for two subjects in the school curriculum and the authorities decided that computer knowledge was more important than using an “outdated skill.”

The cultures of many North American Indians have preserved legends that previously this continent was inhabited by members of another race, characterized by considerable height. Indeed, already during the 19th century, the scientists had found many tombs with remains of skeletons, whose owners were giants when they were alive, but so far this question is not widely covered. In Indiana, near Bearsville, in 1879, the archeologist found a skeleton of a man whose height was 295 cm.

Since 1911, the state hosts an event that has glorified it outside of America: the annual Indianapolis-500 (or “Indy”) race. It is a kind of an expanded advertising campaign designed to assert Indiana’s leading position in the automotive industry. This is one of the most respectable and oldest events for motorists, gathering about 50,000 fans of high (up to 400 km / h) speeds.

The birthplace of Michael Jackson, the city of Gary, although it has a population of more than 100,000, is necessarily a typical dying ghost town: the massive closure of enterprises and unemployment caused a total outflow of the community. More than a quarter of the remaining population lives below the poverty line. Today, the once glorious industrial Gary is known for the fact that it is a city in which the most significant percentage of African Americans in the United States per 100,000 inhabitants.

Indiana became the first US state to have electric street lights. They were installed in the city of Wabash in 1880.

The Indianapolis Children’s Museum is the largest children’s museum on the planet that operates in the state capital.

Indiana is primarily an industrial state, although it also has a well-developed mining industry and agriculture. The land became famous for its high-quality limestone, which is used in construction.

The city of Reynolds has the status of a BioCity in the US. It not only uses biofuels for cars but also regularly carries out experiments, as a result of which gas and electricity are produced from agricultural waste.

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